Smart card social security system

Smart card social security system
1. System Introduction The system has a typical open structure, that is, the client/server structure idea. The system should effectively deal with the five kinds of social insurance services such as pension, medical care, unemployment, work injury and birth, which are currently covered by social security; the insurance insurance inquiries, statistics, analysis, auditing and decision-making functions of social security institutions; Social security agencies internal government information, office information, and financial data are circulated and utilized; social security agencies publish various insurance information and policies; data exchange and connection functions with external systems; online reporting functions for insured objects; Data collection and management functions of designated pharmacies and insured units.
2. System structure

2.1 The computer is based on the bank background RS/6000 operating system or SCO Open Server 5.05 system, and can support various network systems such as Windows NT, WFW, Netware, etc. through protocols such as TCP/IP, IBM MQ, CICS, and TUXDO. Seam connection. Configured on PIII 1.5*4way, memory above 1G,
2.2 Smart Card Selection
1Kbyte CPU card can be used.
2.3 Reading and writing equipment 2.4
The system supports a variety of general-purpose IC card reading and writing devices.
3. Overall system design
3.1 The main functions of the fund collection management information system include retirement change management, retirement treatment review, retirement benefit adjustment, and retirement information maintenance.
Unit file management personal file management personal account management fund collection
3.2 The main functions of the pension insurance management information system include retirement change management, retirement treatment review, retirement treatment adjustment, and retirement information maintenance.
Basic pension insurance management supplementary pension insurance management savings pension insurance management
3.3 The main functions of the medical insurance management information system include the daily business processing of the medical insurance center, the medical insurance settlement of the designated medical institution, and the medical insurance settlement of the designated pharmacy. It can handle all the business involved in medical insurance: policy consistency adjustment, special treatment , referral examination and approval, outpatient medical insurance settlement, inpatient medical insurance settlement, family bed settlement, off-site medical examination and approval settlement, fixed-point medical institutions, designated pharmacy medical insurance pooling fund audit allocation.
Basic medical unit, personal account management, admission approval, reimbursement, settlement, inquiry, statistics, hospital related file maintenance
3.4 The main functions of the unemployment insurance management information system include: management of unemployed workers, review of unemployment benefits, adjustment of unemployment benefits, payment of unemployment benefits, etc.
Unemployed workers treatment payment management unemployment insurance query statistics
3.5 The main functions of the work injury insurance management information system include: treatment of workers' injuries, adjustment of the treatment of injured workers, identification of work-related injuries, and payment of work-related injuries.
Work injury file management work injury treatment management provider file management treatment payment management statistical report
3.6 The main functions of the maternity insurance management information system include: management of maternity workers, examination of maternity benefits, adjustment of maternity benefits, payment of maternity benefits, etc.
Maternity insurance benefits approval treatment payment statistics report
3.7 Financial Management System The fund financial management system is used to supervise fund raising, management, and payment. It includes the processing of daily account vouchers, financial analysis of funds, and so on.
3.8 Office System The office system is used to realize the office automation of the social security management organization.
3.9 Query Statistics System The query statistics system obtains the reports required for business management by collecting and counting various data of the system, and provides data basis for financial reconciliation, accounting and fund operation analysis and forecasting.
3.10 Monitoring and Early Warning System Fund Monitoring and Early Warning System During the operation of the social security system, through the contact and interface with the departments of industry and commerce, labor, public security, and designated medical insurance, the system unit data, customer data and fund accounts are checked and calculated. And analysis, report on the abnormal situation in the social security registration, payment declaration, fee collection, treatment review, fee payment and other links to prevent the occurrence of various errors and reduce the loss of the fund.
3.11 Self-service inquiry system Self-service inquiry system provides customers with various information inquiry and some business processing through multimedia terminal.
3.12 Customer Service 3.13 Service System The social security customer service system provides customers with various information inquiry and some business processing through telephone, fax and short message. It can be used to establish a good service image by means of automatic or manual service.
3.14 The hospital fee management system provides a front-end charging system at designated medical institutions to complete the calculation and collection of medical expenses for medical insurance customers. At the same time, social security or medical insurance centers are required to check accounts and check various information.
Coordinating Hospitalization Accounting Coordination Outpatient Management System Management
3.15 Pharmacy Management System This system is mainly responsible for drug warehousing management, drug maintenance, drug sales (including medical insurance settlement), and various daily and monthly reports for designated pharmacies. The main functions are: drug procurement management, drug sales, transfer management, inventory management, storage, inventory daily, sales daily, daily invoicing, monthly invoicing and so on.
3.16 Insured Unit Management System This system is mainly responsible for the file management, salary management, employee turnover report and social insurance fee declaration for employees. The main functions are: employee file management, employee file maintenance, employee change report, and social insurance fee declaration.
4. System security
4.1 Physical security assurance The computer system on which the system is based The physical security of the various devices is a prerequisite for the security of the entire computer system. Physical security is the process of protecting computer and network equipment and facilities from environmental accidents such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and human error or errors and various computer crimes.
4.2 Network Security The entire system network is divided into security zones, non-secure zones and buffer zones. Different security measures should be implemented in different areas.
The security setting of the buffer sets the border router to connect the buffer LAN to the outside world. The router connects to the switch, and the external WEB server is connected by the switch to provide the common social security service system service; then the switch connects to the internal LAN of the node through the firewall.
The security zone security settings for the security zone settings must not only prevent external users from directly accessing the internal network, but also control and manage external users. In addition, according to different requirements, the internal support and development of the server should also be controlled and managed. For internal users, a secure channel must be established directly from the user to the application server. The secure channel includes secure communication and identity authentication. If internal users access remotely from outside the network, they must also have the same permissions and security in the intranet.
4.3 System Security System User Identity Authentication User Permission Settings
4.4 Data Security Data Transmission Security Control (Link Encryption, Node Encryption, End-to-End Encryption)
Data storage security
5. System features Open platform design, building block configuration business functions support multiple models (server, AS/400, RS/6000, ES/9000)
Support multiple versions to adapt to multiple operating systems (AIX, SCO, HP UX, Linux, etc.)
Support multiple databases (DB2, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.)
Support a variety of middleware (Tuxedo, MQSeries, TongLink, etc.)
Support multiple communication protocols,
Adapt to a variety of peripheral systems, including a variety of card devices, ATM, POS, CallCenter, Internet, etc. widely use XML as a message delivery format and parameter definition save format, transaction messages can be flexibly configured to use multi-threaded mode instead of multi-process mode to improve Concurrent performance optional middleware products improve communication capabilities

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