Sources of hydrogen produced by hydrogen generators and their comparison

How does a hydrogen generator produce hydrogen? There are two main sources of this.

Here's a quick comparison of the two working principles:

1. Hydrogen production by lye electrolysis

This working principle is the traditional diaphragm lye electrolysis method. The conductive medium in the electrolytic cell is an aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide, and the separator of the two-pole chamber is an electrolytic cell composed of a high-quality separator for aerospace electrolysis equipment and a grating electrode which is integrated with the end plate and has good corrosion resistance and good mass transfer. After applying direct current to the two poles, the water molecules immediately react electrochemically at the two poles of the electrolytic cell, generating oxygen at the anode and generating hydrogen at the cathode. The reaction formula is as follows: anode: 2OH--2e → H2O + 1/2O2 ↑ cathode: 2H2O + 2e → 2OH- + H2 ↑ total reaction formula: 2H2O → 2 H2 ↑ + O2 ↑ The instrument is for voltage control, overvoltage protection, The flow display and flow tracking are all automatically controlled; the output hydrogen can be fully regulated (in the range of gas production) according to the amount of hydrogen gas used in the gas chromatograph under constant pressure.

Second, pure water electrolysis hydrogen production

The electrolyzed water (resistivity greater than 1MΩ/cm, deionized water or double distilled water used in the electronics or analytical industry) can be sent to the anode chamber of the electrolyzer, and the water is immediately decomposed at the anode after energization: 2H2O=4H++ 2O -2, decomposed into negative oxygen ions (O-2), then emits electrons at the anode to form oxygen (O2), which is discharged from the anode chamber, carries part of the water into the water tank, the water can be recycled, and the oxygen is small from the sink cover. The holes are placed in the atmosphere. Hydrogen protons in the form of hydrated ions (H+?XH2O) under the action of electric field force, pass through the SPE ion membrane, reach the cathode to absorb electrons to form hydrogen, exit from the cathode chamber, enter the gas-water separator, and remove the carrier from the electrolysis tank. Most of the water, hydrogen containing traces of water, after moisture absorption by the dryer, the purity will reach 99.999% or more.


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