Spring dress correction was recommended at the time of 3 cloakrooms

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Spring is the beginning of a new year, and it is the first season of decoration. However, women have only one requirement for decoration, that is, the wardrobe has large capacity and beautiful appearance, which is also the birth of their cloakroom. Possession. For large-sized people and petty bourgeoisie with certain financial ability, it is not necessary to say how the white-collar workers of small-sized families have the most headaches. How can such headaches be handed over to the Chinese wardrobe net , the layout design, practicality and aesthetic index of the three cloakrooms? I am afraid it is very difficult for you to pick out the thorns.

Decoration case one: tile layout

For the 80-90m2 small-sized home space, as long as the space is carefully planned, it is a matter of course to separate a cloakroom. One of them is to use the concave and convex surface in the bedroom to create an embedded cloakroom, which saves area and has high space utilization. Such a cloakroom is generally tiled into a single-word shape, similar to the whole. The wardrobe is simple and practical.

Spring bedroom decoration

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Tip1: After the cloakroom is installed in the home, it forms the feeling that the wardrobe is recessed into the wall. Not only can the inside be cut into the hanging space, the space can be placed, the top space can be put on the bedding, or the children can idle the toys, the season clothes, etc. .

Tip: 2: The cloakroom is a relatively independent space, and the choice of light source is also very important. Choosing a fluorescent lamp with good color rendering will make the color of the clothes closest to normal. If the lighting in the cloakroom is not good, there will be a visual illusion when choosing clothes, and the space will have a sense of oppression.

Single product recommendation:

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Bedroom closet decoration design

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