Spruce afforestation technology

The spruce seeds are small and weigh 4 to 7 grams. The seed fruit extraction rate is 3 to 5%, the seed purity is 50 to 75%, and the germination rate is 60 to 80%. The seeds should be stored dry and stored for about 3 years.

The shoal of spruce seedlings is suitable for loess slopes with open terrain, low elevation or semi-sunny slopes, less soil and less than 30 cm deep. It is beneficial to build a bed on a gentle slope. When the temperature reaches 8 °C or above, the seeding amount per acre is 15-20 kg. Pay attention to bird and animal damage, pests and diseases during the 20-40 days after the seeds are germinated and unearthed. Pay attention to controlling the moisture in the seedbed. It is also necessary to cover the shade to maintain a transmittance of 25 to 50%. In the place where the humidity is high and the clouds are frequent all year round, all-light seedlings can be implemented. It is advisable to plant no more than 600,000 plants per mu per year. Years of life: It should be around 3 years in the southwestern mountainous area, and the Sichuan Shanyuan area and the northwest and northeast regions should be around 5 years old.

When reforestation is being carried out, the harvesting residues and shrubs on the site are cleared. Land preparation methods and specifications vary by region. In the southwestern high mountains, there are many roots for cutting, and it is advisable to use 50×50×30 cm or 40×40×30 cm to form the ground; in the northwest, sometimes the ground is not used or narrow slits are used. In the luxuriant or over-exposed spots, 2 to 5 clusters can be used to increase the preservation rate. It is not advisable to create mixed forests with larch because they have a transfer relationship in pests. The mature age of spruce natural mature forests is generally 100 to 120 years. The main cutting method depends on the pre-cutting update and other conditions of the forest land. If the natural regeneration under the forest is poor, a block of less than 5 hectares can be used. In forest stands with good natural regeneration, medium or small diameter wood or protective nature, selective cutting with a strength of about 40% can be used. The spruce tree is the first host of all kinds of ball pythons, which can form ball mites, causing deformation of the trunk after the top is damaged, and affecting high growth and material in severe cases. Spruce sylvestris and Helan sylvestris are edible leaves, and spruce snails can invade living standing trees. Cone rust seriously affects seed harvest in parts of China

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