Tape sealing machine

Patent Name: Tape Sealer Patent Applicant Zhang Yiping; Hu Bing Master Applicant Address 213024 Zhang Yiping, inventor of Zhangjia Industrial Park No. 38, Xilin, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province; Hu Bing Application (patent) No. 200420079646.5 Date of Application 2004.09.21 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2728922 Auditor’s announcement date 2005.09.28 Manual CD-ROM D0539 Main classification number B65B51/06 Classification No. B65B51/06; B65H35/07 Subdivision Original application number Priority claim Abstract This disclosure relates to a tape sealing machine including a stand and A handle fixedly connected to the base is mounted on a pinch roller at the front of the base and a tape dispenser at the rear, and a cutter on the upper knife seat at the front of the pinch roller. The base is located at the bottom of the tape seat. A guiding wheel is arranged. Between the pressing wheel and the guiding wheel, a folding mechanism is arranged on the machine base. The folding mechanism includes setting the inner side of the tape higher along the tape and setting the inner side of the tape. Folding stoppers and inclined guides that tilt outwards to retract the inside edges of the tape are also provided on the front base of the inclined guides. The present invention does not affect the tape sealer tape was firmly attached to the package under the premise of its seal, after which the adhesive tape can hemming side of double-sided adhesive plastic surface formed with a narrow non-stick wrapper The narrow side, so it can be easily removed from the packaging tape, the use of safe and reliable. Sovereign Item 1, an adhesive tape sealing machine, comprising a base (2) and a chassis (2) fixedly connected to the handle (1), even in the mounted base (2) against the front portion of the pulley (5) and The rear tape seat (9) and the cutter (7) located on the front upper seat (6) of the pinch roller (5) are characterized in that the stand (2) is located in the adhesive seat (9) The lower part is provided with a guide wheel (3). Between the pinch roller (5) and the guide wheel (3), a folding mechanism (10) is mounted on the base (2). The folding mechanism (10) includes Set the stopper (10-1) that pre-folds the inside edge of the tape along the tape path and the slanted guide (10-2) that leans outward to fold the inside edge of the tape. The front base (2) of the guide block (10-2) is also provided with a blanking wheel (11) which flattens the fold back edge of the tape. International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Organization Address of Changzhou City Weiyi Patent Office Agent Jia Haifen

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