The foundation stone of the 120,000-ton glass bottle production line project in Dalian

The Dalian company's 120,000-ton glass production line project was grandly laid in the Gulf Industrial Zone in Pulandian, Dalian. Pulandian Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yueliang, Pulandian People’s Congress Director Wang Shengmin, Pulandian Mayor Yang Zenghai, Pulandian CPPCC Chairman Wang Shumin, Pulandian Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary Nie Pin, Pulandian Deputy Mayor Yu Deshen, Pulandian City People’s Congress Deputy Director Zou Mr. Liu Zuoqi, Director of the Management Committee of Dalian Pulandian Economic Development Zone, Secretary-General of Pulandian City Government Liu Zhenchang, Pulandian Municipal Party Committee Office, Government Office, Bureau of Development, Bureau of Finance, Economic Development Bureau, Foreign Economic Relations Bureau, Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Land and Resources Bureau The leaders of the Planning Bureau, Urban Construction Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Labor Bureau, Electric Power Bureau, Water Supply Company, Guangdong Glass Factory Leader, Pulandian TV Station and City News Unit, and more than 100 friends from all walks of life attended the ceremony.

The company's annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of glass bottle production line project is "bridging the line" from the Guangdong Glass Factory, introducing private capital in Guangzhou, and purchasing the most advanced glass in the world, which is purchased and transferred by the Guangdong Glass Factory through auction through its sole private capital operation. The 12 sets of double-dripping determinant bottle-making machines and other complete production line equipment of the United States Emmhart set up a factory in Dalian to establish Dalian Pusheng Glass Products Co., Ltd., and provided Guangdong Guangdong Glass Factory with technical management services for the project in the form of paid management. The project covers an area of ​​173.2 acres, a total investment of about 260 million yuan, an annual output of 120,000 tons (about 260 million 500ml beer bottles and beverage bottles), the output value of about 170 million yuan . The project will be completed in two phases. The first 12-unit dual-drop serial bottler production line project is expected to complete trial production by May 2010.

The company laid a foundation for the annual production of 120,000 tons of glass bottle production line project, which effectively fills the gap that the beer bottle in the Dalian area has been relying on from the outside and will bring positive effect to the development of the daily-use glass industry in Northeast China.

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