The principle of xenon lamp weather resistance test box

The xenon lamp weathering test box uses xenon arc light filtered by a filter to perform artificial weathering or artificial exposure radiation on the coating. The purpose is to make the selected performance produce a certain effect after the coating is subjected to a certain exposure radiation energy. The degree of change, or the exposure radiant energy required to achieve a certain level of talent in the coating. The performance selected for monitoring should be an important performance of the coating in practical applications. The performance of the exposed coating can be compared with the performance of the same unexposed coating (comparative sample), or with the coating of known performance (reference sample) exposed at the same time.

In natural climates, solar radiation is considered to be the main cause of coating aging, and the principle of exposed radiation under window glass is the same. Therefore, for artificial weather aging and artificial exposure radiation, it is essential to simulate solar radiation. The xenon arc radiation source changes the spectral distribution of the radiation generated by one of two different light filtering systems, respectively simulating the solar radiation and the visible light spectral distribution (method one), simulating the solar radiation after filtering by a 3mm thick window glass Spectral distribution of ultraviolet and landscape light (method two).

The energy promulgation of the two spectra of the xenon lamp weathering test box is to describe the irradiance value and allowable deviation of the optical radiation filtered by the filter in the ultraviolet light range below 400mm wavelength. In addition, CIE No. 85 has an irradiance standard for wavelengths up to 800 nm (see Appendix B), because only within this range, xenon arc radiation can better simulate solar radiation.

During the test, the irradiance of the weathering test chamber of the exposed xenon lamp may change due to the aging of the xenon arc and the filter system. This change occurs in particular in the ultraviolet range, which has the greatest influence on the photochemistry of polymer materials. Therefore, not only the exposure time should be measured, but also the wavelength range below 400nm or the exposure radiation energy at a specified wavelength, such as 340mn, should be measured, and these values ​​should be used as reference values ​​for coating aging.

It is impossible to accurately simulate the effects of various aspects of climatic conditions on the coating. Therefore, in this standard, the term artificial weathering is used to distinguish natural weathering. The solar radiation test of the simulated window mentioned in this standard is called artificial radiation exposure.

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