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Every day we look at international news, it is not difficult to find that today's global geopolitical performance is still very obvious. Yesterday was the Palestine-Israel conflict. Today, Damascus, the capital of Syria, was shelled. No one can be sure that the day after tomorrow will not happen because of the "Prism Project." As two major countries in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, the volume, relationship and attitude of China and the United States have, to some extent, determined the pattern and trend of the future world. Judging from the current situation, the future Sino-U.S. relations must be harmonious and intimate. There are three reasons: First, more and more Chinese are becoming Americans' "parents." Second, both peoples are attacking China's "dictatorship" and praising America's freedom. Third, Chinese people on the Internet. Both Americans and Americans are clamoring that this is the worst era in China.

Is this really China's worst time?

The answer seems shallow and easy to see. This is definitely a "worst era." Food safety, house prices, prices, corruption, education, naked officials and investment immigration, vicious car accidents, environmental protection, vicious accidents, forced demolitions, employment, economic restructuring, territorial disputes. U.S. friends sigh with regret at the other side of the Pacific Ocean China, “China has a Big Trouble, Oh yeah!”. In view of this, this is the worst era.

So when is the best time for China? Han Tang! This is the first reaction of the vast majority of Chinese. Don't talk about the Tang Dynasty first. Do you really understand the Han Dynasty?

In the early years of the Western Han Dynasty, after years of expedition, China’s population dropped from 30 million in the Qin Dynasty to 15 million to 18 million, waiting for prosperity, and setting up a siege of Liu Bang and Bai Deng from the Han Dynasty. What is the pro? The pro-hiva is to send his sister to the Huns as a wife (and possibly a young wife). In addition, a large batch of cotton wool, silk, grain, wine, and meat are also sent to the Huns every year. The Huns do not need to buy a house. A tent is on the line. Some of today’s male compatriots saw that Chinese girls who had found a foreign boyfriend all felt that their dignity had been insulted, claiming that the girl’s daily operation had no limits. If you cross into the early Han Dynasty, when a prince and grandson will personally send their sisters to the Huns, don’t you blow up your lungs? This is not the worst era?

Then, who led the Han dynasty from the "worst" to "best" counter-attacks and defended the dignity of the Chinese nation's men? The answer is Han Wudi. Han Wudi was the largest official second generation in China (the ancestors were the emperors in the third generation). With the support of the policies of grandfather and old Han in the early Han Dynasty, he launched the war against the Xiongnu and won a decisive victory. Because Han Wudi, the current news broadcast has the opportunity to say that "Sichuan has been China's territory since ancient times." At the same time, thanks to this war, the watermelons, cantaloupes, and raisins we now eat are not considered imported fruits. Traveling to Xinjiang does not require a visa.

Battle of Hexi (putting a picture of Hexi Battle)

Traveling to Xinjiang does not require a visa, so it is a bit closer. Traveling to Gansu does not require visas. Today we say that Gansu is named after Ganzhou (Zhangye) and Suzhou (Jiuquan). Although the author did not write the spirit of the "Historical Records" and did not have the ability to speak in hundreds of forums, he only talked about the ancient battlefield of the Hexi War, and witnessed the historical witnesses of the Han Dynasty and even the Chinese nation from the worst era to prosperity. Dan Zhang Shanshan is still enough.

It was during the second year of Hanwu Di Yuanshun (122 years ago) that General Hushao was sent to fight the Hexi War. Huo went out of the army and went out of Beidi County to attack the Xiongnu Right County in the Hexi area. He took a large circuitous tactic, and he was defeated by the Xiongnu tribes in the northern slopes of Qilian Mountain. Also because of this year, the Huns cry like tears, cry and sing: I lost my Qilian Mountain, so that my six animals did not sway; I lost my support for the mountains, so that my married woman has no color. 11 years after the Xiongnu women lost their raw materials for cosmetics production, that is, Yuanding six years (111 years ago), Han set up Zhangye County and Dunhuang County, and built a demolition Dancheng under the Yongzhi Mountain. Take the morning sun came out Asaka Asahi Kasei in the branches and branches of the mountains and rivers, the sun Cheng Hui, Danxia like a fire, visit Yingyin pine and cypress, the mountains and rivers are blue, forming a fencing group, as "delete" the word. This name was used in the early Yuan Dynasty from the Han Dynasty. After more than a thousand years, the Yuan Dynasty changed the name of “Dan Dan” to Shan Dan today. Therefore, there are Wenzanshan Danshao: Shandan, ancient Wu also. In Yushan, there are Qilians, and the arches of the Qiangshan Mountains embrace the southeast. There are weak waters in the water, and the red pool floats in the northwest. The situation is enough to control the hustle and bustle, and it is the Liangliangjinyao. Original address:

Shan Dan (also known as Deletion Dan)

In fact, people often say that a change in a city can reflect the changes in the overall situation of the times. Today's Shandan, we can travel there, ride horses and worship Buddhas, visit places of interest, visit historic sites, and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and grasslands. There is no need to fear the shootings by the Philippines or the seizure of Japan. As a small sesame seed on China’s 9.6 million square kilometers of land territory, we can praise Shandan as a milestone for China’s prosperity, and it can be said that it is only a small town with a history of 1,000 years. It doesn't matter what it is. It is it. History and space-time photography shine, its beauty and ugliness, only people who have truly arrived there can know.

In the end, it is really a question of whether or not China is really in the “worst era”, given that everyone has their own indestructible “three views,” and “looking at each side of the mountain to see if they are different from each other”. Instead, it can be summed up with the phrase “do not know the true colors of the mountains, but only in the mountains”.

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