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Ogilvy & Mather, the world's first GPS receiver integrated with two-way communication radio intercom function, can communicate each other's position to each other while making a call. Suitable for field work, field gathering, emergency rescue, and team travel adventures.


1. Powerful GPS receiver: Rino (Rhino) has all the functions of a handheld GPS receiver, including global positioning, real-time navigation, query information, record data, save location and trajectory, etc., and can fully meet the needs of outdoor positioning navigation. need.

2. Easy-to-use two-way walkie-talkie: Rino (Rhino) has all the functions of an ordinary walkie-talkie and can perform one-to-one or one-to-many calls. No network restrictions, no license required, no call charges. A variety of ringtone settings support VOX headsets.

3. Patented "Peer Positioning" technology: "Peer Positioning" is a patented technology of Rino. It can send your current precise position to other Rino users and display it at the same time. Give them distance and direction from you.

4. High-resolution multi-level grayscale display: Rino uses a high-resolution, high-definition LCD screen so that it can clearly display itself and other Rino users on the map page. Location, movement trajectory, and various navigation data.

5, outstanding ergonomic design: Rino's shape design is ergonomic, good hand grip, button position is reasonable, allowing users to easily operate freely with one hand, and will not hinder the viewing of the screen. The sturdy, water-resistant design can handle any harsh outdoor adventure.

Installed configuration:

1, GPS receiver.

2, lanyards.

3, Chinese instructions.

4, Rino data line (optional)

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