UV coating antifogging agent was successfully developed

At present, the purpose of a large number of UV varnish oils applied to packaging and printing products is to obtain coating films that meet the needs, so as to achieve rich and dazzling effects and improve the quality of products, especially cigarette packages. Used more. Because the color requirements of cigarette packaging are clearer and more pure, the pattern is stronger; and as a special food, consumers are very sensitive to odors during the smoking process, and the safety and environmental protection of their packaging are also very important. After the cigarette pack is printed, the UV light can meet the requirements. However, during the production, storage and use of varnish, temperature rises or humidity is high, white misty gases are released, and the light transmission is greatly reduced, which affects the surface properties of the UV varnish coated after printing and packaging. , Will cause users to reduce the price of packaged prints. The UV varnish anti-fogging agent developed by the printing and packaging department of Wuhan University can solve this problem well. After adding 15 to 20% anti-fogging agent to the varnish, no matter how the varnishing is applied, it can not only Preventing and suppressing the fogging of packaging and printing products, it can also prevent wrinkles and release films, greatly enhance the water resistance and friction resistance of coating oils, and improve the transparency of films. The successful development of this product will provide opportunities for companies that are good at seizing opportunities to enhance the market's competitiveness.

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