What is HM-60 Hastelloy Abrasion Index Tester? Introduction of HM-60 Hastelloy Grindability Index Tester

Hebi Xianfeng Instruments 0392-3206887, 13603922896, http: // is an instrument specially designed to measure the grindability of bituminous coal and anthracite. According to the grinding law (that is, the energy consumed by grinding coal powder is proportional to the new surface area produced by coal powder), according to the national standard GB2565-87 "Determination of coal grindability index" (Hardgrove method ) Design and manufacture, grinding, sieving and weighing the prepared coal sample, and check the Hastelloy grindability index from the calibration chart drawn by the standard coal sample. The measurement results of the instrument can accurately reflect the difficulty of coal grinding, and provide a basis for the design and operation of the coal mill

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