What new printing technologies are used in the new 100-dollar bills?


Plant in the roar of the machine sounds, during which can still be clearly distinguished swish continuous paper feed, the machine running speed is printing 10,000 per hour. This is the offset printing workshop of Beijing Printing Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “North Banknote Company”). Xiao Zhang, a skilled worker, came to work after graduating from a computer major. Every day, he had to operate the machine to print the main scene pattern and the bump line on the back of the bill. At the same time, in the sealing workshop, more than 400 workers cut, inspect and package the printed 100-dollar bills, and then transported them to the stereo library with the help of the robot transporter.

On November 12th, the first batch of printed local new local gold hundred yuan bills were sent to all parts of the country, and many fans are also scrambling to see its style.

Shang Zhiyu, director of the Planning and Transfer Department of the People's Bank of China's Monetary and Financial Affairs Bureau, said that in order to maintain the leading edge of RMB anti-counterfeiting technology and to meet the needs of modern handling of cash, the People's Bank of China decided to issue the fifth edition of the 2015 edition of RMB 100. Yuan banknotes.

Under the premise of maintaining the main color, main pattern and specifications, the fifth set of RMB 100 dollar banknote printing technology and anti-counterfeiting technology have been greatly improved.

Glorious light change anti-counterfeiting technology application

The most important aspects of modern banknote design are anti-counterfeiting, liquidity and artistry. The fifth edition of the 2015 RMB 100 Yuan banknotes is the most important thing to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of banknotes. The brilliance and denomination figures and the light-changing open window security line are respectively golden and magenta in vertical viewing angles. Green is conducive to public pairing observation, making it easy for the public to identify the authenticity of the banknotes.

The width of the safety line of the new version of the 100-dollar bill is adjusted from the original two millimeters to 4 mm, and is adjusted to a light-changing open window-type safety line, which is beneficial to the public identification, but it increases the difficulty of printing. The People's Bank Printing System has spent a lot of effort to ensure the material-to-material matching of the security thread and paper. After 1 million large sheets, or 35 million tests, the design of the 4 mm safety line was finalized.

Bump line arrangement changes

The theme of the new version of the banknote has not changed, but the floral color of the central group flower pattern is adjusted from orange to purple, and the light blue garland is removed. The new version is more uniform than the original. Shao Guowei said that the main color is more clear, which is in line with the trend of modern banknote design and is conducive to public recognition.

The chairman's image on the front of the 2015 version of the 100-dollar bill is also generally consistent with the original, but if you look under the magnifying glass, you will find that the arrangement of the dotted lines has changed. Shao Guowei said that the adjustment is mainly to maintain the same attitude and form of the chairman's image, and the adjustment of the line pattern is also conducive to preventing counterfeiting.

Double number improves machine-readable anti-counterfeiting layout

In terms of machine-readable anti-counterfeiting, the new version of the design has re-adjusted the entire machine-readable layout of banknotes, which is conducive to the identification and identification of banknotes by machine tools.

The relevant person in charge of the People's Bank of China said in a reporter's question on the issue of the new version of the 100-yuan banknote. In recent years, some lawless elements have used the method of real and false splicing to change the renminbi. In addition, due to the different wear and tear of the renminbi during use, the single The number will increase the false positive rate of the equipment. In view of the above situation, the fifth edition of the RMB 100 Yuan banknotes in 2015 adopts the horizontal and vertical double numbers, in order to achieve the purpose of preventing the splicing of the coin and improving the accuracy of the identification of the banknotes. In addition, the addition of a magnetically-enclosed window security line on the front side adds a magnetic full-buried safety line, which is located on both sides of the ticket, which is also beneficial to prevent the renminbi from being changed.

Three steps from white paper to banknotes

The printing of banknotes is roughly divided into three processes: gravure printing, printing, and sealing. The background pattern of the banknote, the main scene pattern, and the bump line are all completed in the first process. Before the three processes, banknotes with watermarks and security lines have arrived at the printing plant's workshop.

Banknote paper is a special paper, in addition to its own anti-counterfeiting properties, it also has a strong folding resistance and acid and alkali resistance. Generally, after 16 mechanical folding tests, the safety line will not be damaged. ”

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