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When it comes to multi-purpose synthetic grasses and turfs, Mighty is a reliable Chinese manufacturer you cannot miss. No matter whether it's for football, soccer, baseball or any other types of sports, our multi-purpose turf system will surely give players the best possible security and properties.

Why Choose Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grass?
Multi-purpose synthetic grass fields are developed to make sure that sports can be played in any place and at any time. They are widely used in clubs, schools, community centers and so forth. The synthetic sports fields offer players multiple choices for sports, like football, soccer, hockey, rugby, tennis, netball, etc.

In comparison to natural grasses, the multi-purpose synthetic grass has low maintenance cost, little water consumption, long service life, abrasion resistance, etc.

Advantages of Mighty Artificial Turf
Implementing state-of-the-art weaving technology, we produce multi-purpose synthetic grasses with many attractive advantages, such as excellent abrasion resistance, rebound resilience, anti-slip, soft feel and high uprightness.

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Grass

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