Working principle of air energy water heater

What is the working principle of air energy water heater? What are the disadvantages of air energy water heaters ? If you are not very clear about these two issues, the following editor will introduce you one by one. I believe everyone will learn something after reading the article! In the future, I will have a new understanding and a deeper understanding of air energy water heaters.

1. Working principle of air energy water heater

The air energy water heater works according to the "reverse Carnot" principle. In an image, the "outdoor unit" compresses air like a pump to increase the temperature of the air, and then conducts heat through a liquid that will boil at -17 ℃ Go to the indoor water storage tank, and then release heat and conduct it to the water. In short, it absorbs the heat in the air to heat the water temperature, and the air that has absorbed the heat is used in the kitchen to solve the problem of sultry heat.

Using the heat pump working principle for heating, contrary to air conditioning refrigeration-the national refrigeration standard is 1000 watts, electric refrigeration 2800 watts. According to the principle of heat balance, at least 2800 watts of heat are generated at the same time, plus the input of 1,000 watts of electricity, the actual heat generated is 3000-4000 watts. The heat is transferred to the insulated water tank, and the power consumption is only four times of the electric water heater. One of them (Electric water heater has only 1000 watts of heat even if the thermal efficiency is 100%, input 1000 electricity).

Air energy water heaters do not require sunlight, so they can be placed at home or outdoors. After the water stored in the solar water heater is used up, it is difficult to produce hot water immediately. If electric heating takes a long time, and as long as the air energy water heater has air and the temperature is above zero degrees Celsius, it can operate under pressure 24 hours a day. In this way, even after using a tank of water, an air water heater will generate another tank of hot water in about an hour. At the same time, it can fundamentally eliminate the potential safety hazards such as leakage of electric water heaters, dry burning, and harmful gases generated during the use of gas water heaters. It overcomes the shortcomings of solar water heaters that cannot be used on cloudy and rainy days and inconvenient installation. , Do not emit poisonous gas and many other advantages. The life of air energy water heaters can generally reach 15 to 20 years.

Second, the shortcomings of air energy water heater

Next, the editor will introduce the shortcomings of the air energy water heater. Air energy water heaters have many advantages, which is beyond doubt, but any object has two sides, and the disadvantages are still certain.

Disadvantages of air energy water heaters-frosting problem

The regional characteristics are obvious, because it depends too much on the external environment temperature, and its normal working environment temperature is between -5 degrees and 40 degrees, so it is basically applicable to the south of the Yangtze River in East China and South China, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hunan , Jiangxi, Yunnan and other provinces have developed well. But before there is any real technology to solve the problems of frosting and other problems that cause product operation difficulties, the vast north is basically no one dare to match.

Disadvantages of air energy water heaters-the compressor is easy to burn out

At present, heat pump water heaters on the market generally use a circulating heating system. This system is increasingly exposed to technical defects, that is, running under high temperature and high pressure conditions, it is easy to age and carbonize the compressor, and the system has a poor lubrication effect, resulting in the compressor being easily Burned out.

Disadvantages of air energy water heaters-appearance problems

It can be said that one of the main disadvantages of the air source heat pump water heater is its huge size, which does not adapt to the national conditions. Air source water heaters can be generally divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece. Because urban family toilets are generally small, no matter what type, their large body still makes consumers discouraged.

Disadvantages of air energy water heaters-heat exchangers and casing heat exchangers are prone to scaling and breaking

The water outlet temperature of heat pump water heaters can usually reach 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. In this temperature range, water is the most prone to fouling. If the heat exchanger cannot be cleaned regularly, the plate heat exchanger will swell, and the sleeve In the case of heat exchangers, the inner tube will break, causing the entire heat pump hot water unit to lose function.

The above about the working principle of air energy water heaters and the shortcomings of air energy water heaters are simply introduced to everyone here, I hope to help you, more information, all on this website, so stay tuned.

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Air energy water heater

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